Fruit Route

Ceres… Valley of Fruitfulness

Ceres is a well-known destination for its fresh fruit, fruit juices and mineral water.

The valley produces the finest deciduous fruit in South Africa. Today there are more pear trees in this fertile region than other Cape fruit regions together. The region dominates in the export of peaches. Apples, plums, grapes, potatoes, onions and wheat are also produced.

Fruit Activities:

  • Fruit ToursIn-season, please contact Ceres Tourism for more intformation at 023 316 1287 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Local Fruit Kiosk – buy crispy fresh fruit, sundried fruit to nibble before you explore this valley of fruitfulness at Wallet Fruit Kiosk. Tel:023 312 1159
  • Homemade preserves - taste and sample distinctive varieties of chutney, jams and atchars, at Baba’s Jêm – the home of one of our local ladies. Tel:023 312 3545
  • Cherry Picking -  from Mid November to end December bring a basket to the Klondyke Cherry Farm to pick your own sun-ripened cherries.
  • Tel: 023 312 1521
  • Juice Tasting - internationally branded “Ceres Fruit Juices”, proudly produced in Ceres, can be tasted at the Ceres Transport Riders’ Museum.
  • Tel: 023 312 2045
  • Ceres is a Wine of Origin Region - it is recent public knowledge that Koelfontein is the region’s only wine producer.  Wine tasting by appointment only. Selling of dried fruit by appointment. Tel: 023 313 3130
  • Life on a Working Fruit Farm – Stay over (self-catering) at a range of farm cottages, guest houses and chalets in the area, to experience fruit farming and other outdoor activities.