Scenic Drives


Ceres... Explore the Countryside & Scenic Drives

  • The Ceres district consists of four diverse areas and each has its own unique charm and landscapes.
  • Warm Bokkeveld -  enclose Ceres and Prince Alfred’s Hamlet and is the centre of one of the richest agricultural regions of the Western Cape.
  • Bo-Swaarmoed  - a distinctive farming area nestled at the foot of  the Matroosberg Mountains, famous for its cherry picking in season, snow during winter, proteas, and breathtaking panoramic views of the Ceres valley.
  • Koue Bokkeveld – the small village, Op-die-Berg, is the heart of this highland fruit (apple and pear) and vegetable producing area.
  • Ceres Karoo - a spectacular semi-arid area, with endless horizons, which boasts unique indigenous animal and plant life and hosts one of the best private game reserves in the Cape.

Magnificent mountains completely surround the Ceres valley. Scenic mountain passes are the only gateways to the Ceres valley.

  • Michell’s Pass – southern entrance - first pass was built by Andrew Geddes Bain and completed in 1848 with parts of the old pass still visible at certain points.
  • Gydo Pass – northern entrance – with a viewpoint, the colourful shades of the orchards, fields and dams surrounded by rugged mountains, offers a picture perfect panorama.
  • Katbakkies Pass – the steep gradient of this road gave rise to its name and it links the Koue Bokkeveld with the Ceres Karoo.