Winter Snow

Ceres - Winter Snow Wonder

During the winter months, the mountains are often covered in snow and the area has been referred to as Little Switzerland. There are plenty of snow activities such as skiing and snowboarding to keep the whole family busy.


Snow Report: 31 July 2015

Snow conditions at the moment:

 Snow is only on the Matroosberg and Waboomsberg Mountain, east of Ceres.
Unfortunately there is no groundlevel snow.
A 4x4 vehicle will be needed to get access to the snow.
Hiking to the snow will not be permitted.
If and when the situation changes, we will inform you accordingly.



Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve's 4x4 route closes daily at 11:00.

Entrance rate for 4x4 Trail:

R250.00 per vehicle + the driver & R50 per adult.
Maximum Rate per vehicle = R400
Tel: 023 312 2282

Merino Farm's 4x4 route (access to the Waboomsberg Mountains)
Route closes daily at 15:00

Entrance Fee – R350.00 per 4x4 vehicle
Tel: 023 312 2596



Due to weather conditions the snow levels can change within the hour.

For more snow updates on Facebook, go to:
Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve and Ceres Tourism Bureau






Be a Responsible Snow Watcher:

Please drive slowly and carefully - roads are slippery.
Be sure to have enough petrol and extra warm clothing.
Keep your car keys safe.

Do not throw snowballs at cars.
Do not trample fences, force gates open, break branches or trees.
Do not play in unauthorised areas as there might be winter grain crops
or expensive irrigation systems under the snow.
Do not lock your keys inside your car.

Enjoy the Snow

Ceres Snow Picture Gallery: Please send us pictures of you playing in the snow, outside Ceres.
Can you build the biggest snow man?
Send us your picture to be added onto the Ceres picture gallery.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pictures below, were taken on previous snow falls.

SNOW REPORT: 20 August 2012

Due to weather conditions all entrance times to trails might change without prior notice.

There is only snow on the Matroosberg Mountains & Wabooms Mountains. The snow can be reached with a 4x4 at Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve or at Merino Farm.

Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve 4x4 & Hiking:
The hike to the snow will take more than an hour from the start of the hiking trail.
No Ground level snow, no hiking with very small children.
Remember sunblock and sunglasses. Wear suitable shoes for the hike Matroosberg Reserve's cutt-off time for going up their 4x4 route is 11:00 am & for hiking at 14:00
Rates: 4x4 = R250 per vehicle + driver & R50 per person extra, maximum R400 per vehicle
Hiking = R50 per person per day
Visit Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve's Facebook page for updates and pictures.

Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve
Tel: 023 312 2282

Merino Farm 4x4 & Hiking:
The hike to the snow will at least take an hour or more from reception.
Merino Farm's cutt-off time for 4x4's is 16:00 & hiking at 14:00.
No Ground level snow, no hiking with very small children.
Remember sunblock and sunglasses. Wear suitable shoes for the hike.
Rates: R300 per vehicle including passengers Hiking - R50 per person.

Merino Farm
023 312 2596.